Sunday, December 7, 2014

WWE: CM Punk Calls Ryback "Steroid Guy" and "Dumb"

In episode 226 of "The Art of Wrestling With Colt Cabana" podcast, CM Punk revealed to the world about why he left WWE and the stories leading up to that.

Listen to the podcast here:

At about 51:57 in the podcast, CM Punk said that he was beaten up and torn up. John Cena was injured, so WWE asked Punk how he feels about working with this guy (Ryback)? He's definitely not ready, but Punk could carry him if he wants. That took 20 years off Punk's life, in his opinion, because he's already beat up and now he has to wrestle "Steroid Guy."

"He is very hurty, sometimes deliberate. There was one time where he kicked me in the stomach as hard as he could. He broke my ribs right at the tail end and I never got an apology for that. He was something else. Real piece of work," Punk said.

At about 1:04:33 in the podcast, CM Punk said that after he worked the Brock Lesnar match at Summer Slam 2013, WWE once again did not know what to do with him next because Brock would go away and Punk wouldn't get his rematch. Similar situations have happened before when Punk put over other part-timers such as The Undertaker and The Rock.

Vince McMahon then asked him, "Can you work Ryback?" to which Punk replied, "No." McMahon said, "I'll owe you one." Punk said that's three times now that McMahon is going to owe him.

CM Punk: "You know this guy hurt me last time."

McMahon: "No, it's gonna be different. He went away and turned heel. He's gonna be a Paul Heyman guy. It's gonna continue the feud with Paul."

CM Punk: "Do you not see a problem with going from Brock to Ryback? Whatever, I'll try to make it work."

Punk was more interested in working with Curtis Axel to try to elevate him because Triple H did such an awesome job in doing it even though he promised that he was going to.

Punk then acquiesced and agreed to work with Ryback. He goes up to Ryan Reeves (Ryback) and says, "Hey man, clean slate. Let's kill this. Let's show them that you're better than they think you are. Let's show them that I'm better than they think I am. Let's, you know, turn this midcard thing into a main event."

Ryback: "Yeah I'm really excited. Great."

First night out, gorilla pressed though a table...misses the table. Ryback dumps Punk on the concrete ground and tilts his pelvis which screws him up for weeks. After the match, Punk walked up to Ryan and said, "You can't tell me that you didn't do that on purpose because you've done it so many times now. You either tell me right now that you're dumb as f*** and you suck or you did it on purpose."

Ryback: "I'm dumb as f***. I'm sorry."

There was nothing Punk could do, so he continues working with Ryback. It hurts. He had a tag match where he tagged with Daniel Bryan. Ryback kicked CM Punk in the ribs as hard as he could. It broke his ribs and then Punk got speared by Roman Reigns on something and took an ugly bump on it which made it worse.

WWE: The Wyatt Family Must Either Adapt or Perish

I don't think that it's a good idea for Luke Harper to defeat Dolph Ziggler and become the new Intercontinental Champion on a regular episode of WWE RAW. It should've happened at a pay per view event. There wasn't even much build up either. He cheated and got the title without going through a legit feud storyline with Ziggler. The Intercontinental title has been passed around a lot lately. It kinda lost prestige in my opinion.

Erick Rowan, another member of the Wyatt family, turned face by joining Team Cena. It was odd and didn't make sense for him to be against Luke Harper. In my opinion, these guys are stuck in the midcard and don't look like they'll be at the top of WWE except to be henchmen. Rowan looks like he's gonna be the next Snitsky...which will be really good for when WWE is building new top faces. They can have the faces go against a big guy like Rowan as they try to climb the mountain to reach main event status.

As for Bray Wyatt, he might be an upper midcarder later on or a transitional WWE champion. I don't know. I think the Wyatt family needs to be more scarier if they want to adapt and get better the saying goes in either adapt or perish.


Recently, when Ryback was taking on the Authority by joining Team Cena...and even before he joined Team Cena, he had a staredown with Triple H after Ryback won a match on SmackDown. They were getting in each other's faces. It seemed as if WWE was foreshadowing a feud between Ryback and Triple H later on.

Although they are already feuding each other now in their respective teams, I really think they will have a one on one feud later. Then again, I might be wrong. WWE could have been surprising us in the moment without any further plans. Look at how Roman Reigns had a staredown with Triple H earlier this year. They have yet to feud one on one and have a pay per view match. Who knows...maybe WWE will take those plans and give them to Ryback, so we may eventually see Ryback vs Triple H at a pay per view.

Perhaps Ryback will be the one to not only defeat Triple H but injure him bad enough that Triple H has to go to the hospital and offscreen for a long time. That would be a way to write Triple H off so that he can focus on backstage stuff and his real corporate duties for WWE.