Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dean Ambrose Joining Team Cena at Survivor Series 2014 PPV? (Prediction)

Despite being in a feud with Bray Wyatt, will Dean Ambrose join Team Cena at Survivor Series or at least help the team out in the fight against the Authority?

It seems like ever since Wyatt returned, he is still very formulaic. He and the other members of the Wyatt family were somewhat repackaged as "new and improved", but it doesn't look like they changed much at all. Ambrose and Wyatt talk a lot and barely fought each other. Wyatt can talk really well, but talking too much can become less than special if nothing else intriguing is offered. Wyatt should be kidnapping and interrogating his opponents. The Ambrose/Wyatt feud is boring.

Meanwhile, John Cena has assembled a team to take on the Authority team at the Survivor Series 2014 pay per view. Seth Rollins is the captain of Team Authority and Cena is the captain of Team Cena. Ambrose is nowhere to be found in this storyline...yet he was so involved in the feud with Rollins for months. I think Ambrose should join Team Cena. He belongs in the fight to end the Authority as that is what he has been doing along with Roman Reigns this year. Nevermind that Bray Wyatt is in his way. Cena has feuded with Wyatt before, so he can help out Ambrose if Wyatt ever shows up to interfere during segments featuring Team Cena and Team Authority.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Randy Orton Joining Team Cena at Survivor Series? Filming The Condemned 2: Desert Prey

Randy Orton couldn't stand Seth Rollins and RKO'ed him after losing to Rollins in a match on RAW a few weeks ago. After that, the Authority tried to calm Orton down. Triple H then got punched by Orton. The Authority then ganged up on Orton, held him down, and Rollins curbstomped his head into the announcer's table. Stephanie McMahon then suggested to Triple H that they end it, so Triple H told his henchmen to "finish it." They put Randy Orton's head onto the steel steps and Seth Rollins curbstomped him into it.

Ever since the incident, Orton hasn't been seen. This "injury" that he received is most likely WWE's way to write him off so that he can film "The Condemned 2: Desert Prey" which is the sequel to the 2007 film "The Condemned" starring Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Many people cheered loudly and were excited when Orton turned on the Authority. Having him join Team Cena would make a lot of sense, but he's probably going to be too busy filming to be part of the Survivor Series 2014 pay per view. It would be cool if he could make a small appearance by interfering with the Team Cena vs. Team Authority match, but it might not happen.

Hopefully after Randy Orton is done filming the movie, he will continue where he left off in the WWE storyline. He should feud with Seth Rollins and anyone else in the Authority who favored Rollins over him.

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